Are Online Relationships Healthy? You Be the Judge

Are online relationships healthy?

For one thing an online relationship should not really be any different to an off line one. There are unwritten laws of common decency that apply to any relationship.

Two single people looking for friendship or love can either go through the online dating services or Internet chat rooms to engage with people they may like or be suited too. I see no harm in this interaction. It is a great way for shy and lonely people who ordinarily might not seek others offline.

People who are divorced or who have come out of a long term relationship can really benefit from an online relationship as they may not feel comfortable dating offline yet. It is a great way to get to know someone before you meet them in person.When coming out of something like a divorce it is often hard to get back on the dating horse again. Many decent and healthy relationships online have led to marriage so it is possible to meet the person of your dreams

You could even hook up with an old boyfriend or girlfriend who you have never been able to forget. It could lead to a reunion and maybe a commitment. The Internet is a fantastic way to meet so many people and enlighten your life.

There is indeed an unhealthy aspect to online relationships. Stalkers and predators do use the chat rooms to seek out new victims. If you were with a dating service the screening would be far more thorough as opposed to the chat rooms where a fake identity and photo can lead to some vulnerable people being totally misled. Their have been horrific assaults and deaths caused by these unsavoury characters who use the chat rooms as their own personal playground.

Are online relationships healthy if it is a married person trying to instigate an affair? So many wives have aired their concerns about their husbands stealing valuable family time chatting to other women. Some of these men have retorted they are making new friends but how can you really know if they are in deeper than they say.

I believe if you take the same principles you live by offline you can apply them to any online relationship also. Most people who enjoy what the Internet has to offer treat it with a degree of respect. There will always be those who use its power to entrap the gullible and cheat on their partners. It is up to us all to police the Internet by keeping a constant vigil.